How NPS Compares to Traditional Customer Surveys

How NPS compares to traditional customer surveys

Posted by Alexandra Kilpatrick on Mar 21, 2018 9:56:25 PM
Alexandra Kilpatrick

By now, you’ve learned all about NPS, but you might be wondering, how do NPS surveys compare to traditional customer surveys?

NPS surveys are more effective than traditional consumer surveys for a myriad of reasons. They’re more simple and a much stronger predictor of revenue growth than traditional surveys. Read on to learn more about how NPS surveys compare to traditional surveys.

  • NPS surveys measure a customer’s likelihood to refer. While traditional customer surveys ask all about a customer’s immediate service experience (how they enjoyed the service, their customer experience, etc.), NPS surveys ask one or two simple questions to measure a customer’s likelihood to refer the product or service.
  • NPS is a strong predictor of revenue growth. Traditional customer service measurements, such as customer retention, are fairly ineffective at predicting company revenue growth. NPS, on the other hand, determines your customers’ likelihood to refer the service, in turn predicting the possibility of new customers and revenue growth.
  • NPS surveys are simple, with one or two questions. Traditional surveys tend to be multiple questions long, which can be overwhelming for consumers and lead to fewer customers filling them out. However, NPS surveys are limited to one or two questions about the customer’s likelihood to refer.
  • NPS surveys deliver one simple metric. While traditional surveys generate multiple datasets, which can get confusing, NPS surveys deliver one simple metric.
  • NPS surveys determine which customers are promoters and detractors. Traditional surveys, on the other hand, offer consumer demographics but do not nicely divide your customer base into promoters and detractors.

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