Determining your company's X-Factor can be tricky, but we've simplified the process with these essential questions. 

Businesses that excel tend to have many things in common, from great leadership to a product or service that draws people in. But what really sets apart a great business?

Here at XAmplifier, our goal is to amplify your happiest customers. We want your most satisfied customers to acknowledge your x-factor and become your marketing engine, helping promote your x-factor and bring in more revenue.

Determining your own business’ x-factor can be tricky, but it really comes down to just a few essential questions.

What sets your company apart?

What is different about your business that other businesses don’t offer? Is there some product or service you offer that other businesses in your area don’t?

How do you offer your customers the most value?

Some businesses achieve this by offering competitive prices compared to other companies in their location. Others achieve this by offering more or better quality aspects of a product or service.

What does your company excel at?

Does your company provide the best digital marketing services in your local area?

What makes you stand out individually?

Are you the only business that offers free WiFi in your area? You could draw in more customers -- and happier customers -- just by offering these perks.

What could your X-Factor become?

Could you improve on your x-factor? Could you make your happiest customers even happier by improving the quality, quantity or cost of your product or service?

Beyond these questions, it’s also important to consider your company’s values and whether they can be encompassed in your business’ x-factor. For example, high employee engagement could be your company’s x-factor.

Gallup polls have found that employee engagement is directly linked with revenue or financial success on a number of measures. Companies with high employee engagement ratings outperform those with low ratings by 10 percent on customer satisfaction, 22 percent on profitability and 21 percent on productivity, leading to higher quality, lower turnover and lower absenteeism.

Patrick O’Connell, director of marketing and communication at KONE, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, says that employee engagement with values like collaboration, customer centrism and continuous improvement are crucial to fulfilling his business’ mission of helping consumers move within urban communities.

“We need to guide performance of each individual based not just on what they accomplish but also how they accomplish it,” O’Connell says. “How did they interact with each other and the customer?

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