XAmplifier worked with a nationally-recognized dermatology practice to increase patient engagement through strategic online review generation.

A national dermatology practice wanted to provide a better patient experience and make sure that their reputation reflected that improved patient experience, in the form of more and better reviews and a boost to their bottom line.

The practice knew that they were not optimizing their digital reputation and, in turn, not generating as many leads as they possibly could. XAmplifier offered a full suite of solutions to this dermatology practice, including customer experience intelligence, reputation management and x-factor amplification and the result was a marked increase in new patient leads and revenue.

The Process

XAmplifier measured the baseline performance of the client’s net promoter score (NPS), tracked steady improvement company-wide and pinpointed and targeted individual clinic and personnel improvement, helping the practice reach new heights in patient experience.

XAmplifier’s cloud-based platform offered comprehensive customer experience data and insights for the practice, which allowed the client to reset baseline expectations and implement operational programs and accountability tracking.

The Results

Over the course of 12 months, beginning in the second quarter of 2017, the practice leveraged 56,000 survey insights and saw an 8 percent boost to their NPS, which resulted in additional referral growth of over 2,400 from the improved patient experience alone.

XAmplifier also helped the dermatology practice bolster their digital reputation, in the form of more and better online reviews. During that initial 12-month time frame, the practice saw its patients publish a whopping 4,700 new Google reviews, increasing their average rating by almost two full stars to 4.62.

Google properties, especially when used on mobile platforms, were crucial in driving online actions for the client’s customers and prospects. For the most recent calendar month of May, the year-on-year financial impact of amplifying their improved patient experience and increasing their online reviews was clear:

  • 151% increase in Google My Business (GMB) web actions
  • 94% increase in call actions
  • 42% increase in drive actions

The bottom line impact? A 94% increase in leads driven by GMB actions and a projected revenue boost of over $25 million.

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