What is an X-Factor?

Understanding what separates your business apart from the competition. 

What is an X-Factor?

Understanding what separates your business apart from the competition. 

Businesses that excel tend to have many things in common, from great leadership to a product or service that draws people in. But what really sets apart a great business?

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What Makes Your Business Unique?

All great businesses have their own unique x-factor: the one unique thing that sets them apart from the crowd and makes them special. An x-factor could be anything from the best of a certain cuisine in your local area to the cheapest price around.

An x-factor can also be defined as a strategy that must be discovered and acted upon in order to create a real advantage and increase in value for your company. The concept of an x-factor is as old as John D. Rockefeller, the American oil industry business magnate and philanthropist.

Considered the richest person in modern history, Rockefeller had to discover his x-factor in order to control the oil industry. In his case, Rockefeller needed to gain an advantage in transportation costs by railroad in order to win the oil business at the time. He decided to produce his own oak barrels in order to slice his transportation costs in half, which allowed him to gain a tenfold advantage over his competitors.

Figuring out where you have an advantage -- or better yet, where you can gain an advantage -- over your competitors is the best way to bring in more revenue and amplify your business.

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