Your guide to engaging with customers through online reviews.

Responding to reviews, whether positive or negative, can be a difficult process to navigate. It’s crucial for companies to reply to both good and bad reviews, because it’s a sign of excellent customer service and shows consumers that your company is invested in their well being.

But how exactly do you respond to a negative review? And how important is it really to answer a positive review?

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Recognize Your Happy Customers 

All businesses want glowing five-star reviews from their customers. According to BrightLocal’s recent consumer review survey, positive reviews make about 73 percent of consumers trust a local business more. But how important is it to respond to those positive reviews?

Replying to good reviews is actually vital to boosting your customer base and revenue. About 92 percent of customers read online reviews, according to BrightLocal. And 30 percent of consumers name responding to reviews as crucial when judging local businesses.

That’s why it’s important to amplify those surveys with positive scores. Customer experience experts at XAmplifier recommend contacting and encouraging these promoters to spread the news of their positive experiences via social media, reviews and testimonials.

The Pros of Negative Online Reviews

Many companies think of negative reviews as the bane of their existence, but in actuality, negative reviews can help your company improve! Negative reviews offer constructive feedback, which businesses can leverage to improve their customer experience and bring in more customers and revenue.

When someone writes a negative review of your business, they are actually showing you that they care. The review means that they are still invested in your practice and want you to improve. They have not written you off if they’re still writing to you, and negative reviewers – or detractors – can actually be the customers who care the most about the future of your business.

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

If you receive a score of 2 or 3, make sure to call the customer to show that you care about improving their future experience and the experience of others coming to your business. In addition to calling, you should respond to the negative review with a written note to express to other consumers that you care about improving your business’ overall customer experience.

Once you have responded via written and oral communications with the customer who wrote the review, take time to reflect and respond by actively improving your business. You can actually use this feedback to reshape how your company functions. You can change the culture of your company or the way that your employees interact with consumers to better your business and ensure that future consumers are happy with their experience.

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