This article discusses how to make data-driven investments regarding digital technology integration. Learn how optimizing online experiences for patients increases satisfaction below.

Digital Technologies Investments Improve Patient Satisfaction

Today healthcare practices are increasing investment in digital technologies to enhance patient experience and increase new patient acquisition. The healthcare industry is beginning to view patients as consumers with expectations of service and accessibility. To meet patient needs, in 2020, healthcare providers spent $324.4. million on appointment scheduling, and by 2027, they will spend as much as $690 million to increase market share and keep up with competitors. Providers that have integrated digital initiatives such as online bookings have experienced a 24% increase in appointments. Ensuring that medical practices get the most out of their digital integration investments requires a deep understanding of patient information. Providers must consider and take advantage of the following steps to learn how to make suitable investments:

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Collecting data from surveys regarding patient experience is crucial to learning your pain points and areas of success. Patient experience is negatively affected by difficult communication, hard-to-access scheduling, and poor customer service. Patient data empowers providers to determine better which digital technology integrations to invest in. For instance, if patients prefer automated appointment reminders and online booking options, online booking on web listings and SMS/email integration will improve patient experience.

Know Which Digital Integrations Competitors Use

According to the Center for Connected Medicine, 51% of healthcare facilities invest in patient experience. Generally, providers purchase digital services that streamline communication, scheduling, and individualized patient experiences. Providers that do not integrate virtual services will be left behind. Even if a patient experiences excellent care from their physicians, they may not return if online accessibility is not optimized. Over 28% of patients have either transferred or stopped visiting a health care facility due to a bad online customer experience.

Create a Uniform Patient Experience For All Locations

After purchasing digital technology integrations that improve patient experience, providers must ensure that they are being used optimally at all locations. Patient surveys not only help identify pain points, as mentioned above, but they also help create uniformity across multiple sites. XAmplifier's Customer Service Management offers an easy-to-use digital interface that stores all patient survey data in one place. Furthermore, XAmplifier's cloud-based software creates actionable insights on how to improve customer experience based on feedback.

Purchasing new digital technology is a big decision. If providers do not understand the products they are buying or even which products they should purchase, ROI can be negatively affected. Make data-driven decisions to improve patient experience and increase revenue. Do not get left behind. Fill out the form below for a free consultation on how to optimize patient satisfaction!


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