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How Google’s Updated Algorithm Affects Online Reviews

Posted by JB Blanchard on 9/17/19 10:25 PM

A recent change in the Google review algorithm aims to weed out self-serving and misleading online reviews. 

Online reviews and star ratings are critical for businesses and consumers in today’s internet-based consumer environment. Often the first place consumers will look when searching for a product or service they’re interested in buying is to the online reviews and ratings from other customers. 

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Building Consumer Trust Through an Unlikely Source: Negative Online Reviews

Posted by JB Blanchard on 8/27/19 2:21 PM

Believe it or not, there are significant benefits of having negative reviews on your business. 

When someone gives your company a bad online review, your first instinct might be to ignore it. Many people believe that when they hide negative feedback, they’re protecting their company’s digital reputation. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Net Promoter Score

Posted by JB Blanchard on 8/19/19 3:14 PM

A brief history of Net Promoter Score, how it's calculated, and why businesses are making it a foundation of their customer experience success.

When many businesses consider profitability, they don’t tend to think about customer experience. But it’s the companies that take their customer experience to the next level and really consider the customer’s willingness to recommend their products or services that truly elevate their business and bottom line.

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The Beginner's Guide to Online Reviews

Posted by JB Blanchard on 8/13/19 3:42 PM

A comprehensive breakdown of review generation and how online reviews impact your bottom line. 

Thanks to companies such as Amazon, Apple, and the long list of customer-centric businesses, providing exceptional customer experience is no longer a nice thing to have, but rather the single most important component of your business. 

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