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Reputation Management

Proven Strategies to Boost Online Reputation

This article discusses how to improve your online presence and reputation. Read on to learn more about how positive...

Customer Experience

Digital Technology: Make Data Driven Investment Decisions

This article discusses how to make data-driven investments regarding digital technology integration. Learn how...

Online Reviews

Online Reviews: 3 Reasons why you shouldn't fake them!

Here are three reasons why companies should never fake online reviews!

Directory Listings Management

Build Trust and Visibility Through Local SEO and Listings Management

This article examines the benefits of building trust and visibility through local SEO and listings managemet.

Customer Experience

Healthcare Industry: Define and Understand Buyer Personas

Healthcare providers must know how to define their perfect personas. Learn how in this article.

Customer Experience

Easing the Burden of Insurance Verification

Easing the Burden of Insurance Verification.

Customer Experience

Medical Devices and Tech Influence Patient and Physician Satisfaction

High quality medical devices and software influence patient and physician satisfaction.

Customer Experience

Positive Patient Experiences: How to improve patient satisfaction and increase revenue

Achieve consistent positive patient experience with surveys! Boost health outcomes and revenue with high patient...

Review Generation

Review Gating

Review gating is a process that businesses use to either rapidly improve online reputation while hiding any negative...


The Telehealth Playbook: Your Guide to Delivering the Best Telehealth Experience

These steps will ensure your patients leave their telehealth appointment satisfied, willing to return, and excited to...

Directory Listings Management

Google Shares Why Healthcare Providers Need To Use Directory Listings

Google recently published an article emphasizing why healthcare providers need to focus on directory listings and how...

Reputation Management

Why It’s the Perfect Time for Businesses to Focus on Their Online Reputation

There's no better time for businesses to consider an online reputation management strategy.

Reputation Management

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management software is the best way for businesses to engage with customers and gain unique CX...

Online Reviews

How Google’s Updated Algorithm Affects Online Reviews

A recent change in the Google review algorithm aims to weed out self-serving and misleading online reviews. 

Reputation Management

Why Negative Online Reviews Build Consumer Trust

While seeing a negative online review or two about your company may not feel great, they actually provide value to your...

Online Reviews

The Beginner's Guide to Online Reviews

A comprehensive breakdown of review generation and how online reviews impact your bottom line. 

Case Study

How Increased Patient Engagement Impacted a Leading Dermatology Practice

XAmplifier works with leading dermatology practice to increase patient engagement through online review generation.

Reputation Management

The Customer Engagement Playbook

Take the angst out of responding to your customer's online reviews with this guide

Reputation Management

The Important Math Behind Your Digital Reputation

While the benefits of a good digital reputation are clear, companies often struggle to quantify their reputation and...

Net Promoter Score

5 Ways to Improve Your Net Promoter Score

When customers recommend your company’s product or service, they place their personal reputation on the line to do so.

Customer Experience

How Customer Experience Translates into Profit

When companies consider their profitability, the first thing they think about isn’t usually their customer experience,...


How to Amplify Your X-Factor

You can easily amplify your x-factor by making your promoters -- or your happiest customers -- your marketing engine.


How to Define Your Company's X-Factor

Determining your own business’ x-factor can be tricky, but it really comes down to just a few essential questions.


What is an X-Factor?

Businesses that excel tend to have many things in common, from great leadership to a product or service that draws...

Online Reviews

How to Increase Customer Survey Response Rates

There is no one ideal response rate, but higher is – of course – better. Let’s take a look at the four quickest ways to...

Net Promoter Score

The Impact 'Promoters' Have on Your Bottom Line

NPS is one of the strongest measurements of customer loyalty, and research shows that customer loyalty is one of the...

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score vs. Traditional Customer Surveys

NPS surveys are more effective than traditional consumer surveys for a myriad of reasons. They’re simpler and a much...

Net Promoter Score

Why XAmplifier's Net Promoter Score Method Trumps DIY

The DIY method can actually end up costing you more time and money in the long run.

Reputation Management

How Online Reputation Drives Revenue Growth

From converting promoters into your marketing department to neutralizing negative reviews before they even occur,...

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