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Case Study

How Increased Patient Engagement Impacted a Leading Dermatology Practice

XAmplifier works with leading dermatology practice to increase patient engagement through online review generation.

Reputation Management

The Customer Engagement Playbook

Take the angst out of responding to your customer's online reviews with this guide


How to Amplify Your X-Factor

You can easily amplify your x-factor by making your promoters -- or your happiest customers -- your marketing engine.


How to Define Your Company's X-Factor

Determining your own business’ x-factor can be tricky, but it really comes down to just a few essential questions.


What is an X-Factor?

Businesses that excel tend to have many things in common, from great leadership to a product or service that draws...

Online Reviews

How to Increase Customer Survey Response Rates

There is no one ideal response rate, but higher is – of course – better. Let’s take a look at the four quickest ways to...

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